Newsletter 07 – March 2017

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On this edition, 30jardas brings you updates about FIP World Championship qualifiers in South-American, Asia/Oceania and Europe. 4 of 8 tickets in Australia’s tournament are already booked.

We also share updates regarding Brazilian season and handicap updates, and also C.V. Whitney Cup winners.

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South-American Qualifiers

Argentina is qualified to FIP World Championship 2017. Spot in tournament was earned after winning South-American Qualifiers, held in Uruguay last January. Argentina won their three matches, against Brazil (6-4), Peru (11-4) and Uruguay (12-5).

Winner’s squad had Lucio F. Ocampo, Tomas Panelo, Juan Nagore, Valentin N. Astrada, Hector Guerrero and Javier Cabrera, and coach Daniel González. Argentina join Chile as South-American team in FIP World Championship 2017, in Sydney, Australia.

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New Zealand

Qualifiers of Zone D have been held in Thailand, last February, in a single match between New Zealand and Malaysia. New Zealand team defeated their opponents by 9-5,5 to guarantee their spot in FIP World Championship 2017.

Henry Wood, Henry Jones, Cody Forsyth and Gleen Sheriff formed the winner team, that is now qualified to World Championship in Australia.

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European Qualifiers

France will host European Qualifiers to FIP World Championship 2017. Tournament will be played from April 28th to May 7th, in Chantilly Polo Club, with 5 teams: Spain, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands and France.

30jardas has asked championship’s organization about England’s participation, but it was not not confirmed yet. France has already shared their line-up: Pierre-Henri Ngoumou, Patrick Paillol, Julien Reynes and Alexandre Sztarkman.

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Brazilian season

Tournaments have already started in Brazil. Tournaments in Viamão, Osório and Bagé took place in Rio Grande do Sul, while matches have been played in Mato Grosso do Sul and São Paulo.

Highlights for 10-goals tournaments, Torneio de Bagé (Rio Grande do Sul) and Torneio Pres. Marcelo D. Junqueira Filho (Orlândia, São Paulo).

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Helvetia handicap updates

Championship handicaps were updated in Helvetia Polo Country Club season. Tournaments in main Brazilian polo club had its handicaps decreased, expectating that this change will enable more players to join this season.

Aberto do Estado de São Paulo, Brazil main tournament, will be played as a 24-goals handicap this year, instead of 26-goals. Championships of 20-goals, 16-goals and 12-goals are already scheduled.

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Whitney Cup

Valiente has won C.V. Whitney Cup 2017. In a final match, played on March 5th, Valiente defeated Orchard Hill by 14-11. In a particular challenge, Adolfo has scored 7 goals against six goals by Facundo Pieres.

Valient player Matias Torres Zavaleta was MVP of the match and Sugar (from Adolfo Cambiaso) was awarded as best playing pony.

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